The LKSCOIN project is, in fact, a vast and ambitious project, characterized by the constant intertwining of technical elements and social goals that the underlying technology aims to realize.

This project is a complex universe that sets itself important objectives to protect the web and, in particular, user-generated content. For…

LKSCOIN has recently embarked on this journey into the world of Decentralized Finance. A new goal that excites us and of which we are very proud.

But what is decentralized finance? It is a new form of financial system which, unlike the classic centralized model that sees intermediary figures such…

NFTs, what are they and how can they be used? Here is a brief insight into these special tokens and their potential.

NFTs is an acronym for Non Fungible Tokens, i.e. unique tokens that represent a digital property on the blockchain.

To better understand how a non-fungible token works, let’s…

Although for years only a few “insiders” were passionate about the blockchain, a wider and more varied audience has recently started to be interested in this technology.

The blockchain, in fact, is gradually emerging and being discussed in various fields, such as the financial and the medical field, but also…

LKS Foundation

The LKS Foundation is an italian non-profit foundation which goal is to spread the culture of blockchain and fintech. Creator of LKSCOIN crypto.

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